Sea Frieght


Sea Freight Service - Flexible, Fast And Easy

Sea Freight is the cheapest way to export heavy goods or bulk quantities of goods internationally. Sometimes, air freight is very expensive and have many formalities to do, so if you want to minimize the costs, ocean freight is the best option. Ocean Freight can be complicated at times, so it may seem like a daunting decision to you, but it's the most appropriate decision considering the nature of some industries.


Plan Ahead

Although Sea Freight is the most suitable way to ship large quantities of goods internationally, maritime transport is much more time-consuming than Airfreight . Therefore, plan ahead for delivery on the customer's desired date. But if you do not have a specific time for your delivery, ocean freight is the best option.

Professional Packing

In goods shipping, it is important to pack properly to ensure that the goods are protected and delivered without damage, so we ship the goods only after completing proper packing . We use innovative packing materials that are eco-friendly and created specifically for the protection of your personal assets.

Security & Reliability

The safety of your belongings is our top priority. We are committed to offer our services our in competitive rates while maintaining the best quality standards and adhering to compliance policies.

We ship the goods within the shortest possible time to another destination, we follow this in our every service.

FD Cargo has a worldwide network with over 2000 partners and they give our customers full coverage.

FD cargo guarantees a high level of security for all your goods. Thus, it has the capability to cut off the risk of theft and damage during transit time.

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