Dangerous Goods


Safe shipping of your dangerous cargo

As a cargo service providing company , we are absolutely committed to ensuring the safety of dangerous cargo. Therefore, we verify all booking information thoroughly and in some cases, we do container inspection to ensure the highest level of security. Every time, we send dangerous cargoes very safely to preserve life, environment, goods and assets. Here at FD Cargo, we have a team to analyst dangerous goods specialists and they will do every aspect of the shipping process from start to end.


Ocean Freight

Maritime transport of dangerous materials helps to reduce the risk to some extent. Similarly, the International Maritime Organization is responsible for classifying hazardous materials, which is why they are known as IMO goods in the world of maritime transport. IMDG has some roles in the transport of hazardous materials, they have the power to regulate all protocols such as packing and labelling of goods.

Air Freight of dangerous goods

Airfreight is also one of the best ways to transport dangerous goods, fast delivery is the main advantage of this service. However, dangerous goods transportation in airlines requires a lot of specialised measures to ensure that the logistics operation proceeds without hazardous.

Road freight of dangerous goods

Road transportation of dangerous goods requires a series of legal accreditations to complete. We work with qualified personnel, approved vehicles and experienced agents to which we can optimise the transportation easily.

We ship the goods within the shortest possible time to another destination, we follow this in our every service.

FD Cargo has a worldwide network with over 2000 partners and they give our customers full coverage.

FD cargo guarantees a high level of security for all your goods. Thus, it has the capability to cut off the risk of theft and damage during transit time.

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