Fine Arts Packing


Packing Fine Art to Keep High-Value Items Safe

Every home is beautiful, but with a creative piece of art, we can make it a little more attractive. But have you ever wondered how or where these arts come from? Very good packing is required for transferring this kind of item. We guarantee the best moving and packing service , storage and shipping reliable and efficient with the assurance of safe delivery. We work with private collectors, galleries, museums, interior designers, auction houses and dealers, in moving and delivering their artworks.


Our expertise

Each vehicle is controlled by two or more uniformed technicians, who are qualified drivers and trained art handlers, who will undertake the packing, unpacking and installation on-site, as required. Their training and expertise enable us to carry out expected procedures skillfully and efficiently and to deal with unusual circumstances promptly and effectively.

Courier accompaniment

If you need hand-carry art shipments or accompaniment, we provide a complete air art courier service meticulously by arranging all flights, hotels, itineraries, and transfer to and from airports. Our experienced airport representatives provide discreet assistance to make sure the works entrusted to the care of the couriers pass through Customs in a fast, secure and seamless manner.

Unsurpassed security

In all our services, we ensure that our premises and procedures meet the very stringent aviation security regulations and permit our staff to carry out hand searches of delicate artworks where x-ray examination is not possible.

We ship the goods within the shortest possible time to another destination, we follow this in our every service.

FD Cargo has a worldwide network with over 2000 partners and they give our customers full coverage.

FD cargo guarantees a high level of security for all your goods. Thus, it has the capability to cut off the risk of theft and damage during transit time.

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