Air Frieght


Market-leading Air Freight Solutions

FD Cargo Air Freight Services is specially designed to meet your geographical and financial needs. We understand that each client has their own import and export deals according to certain preferences and needs. There are many factors to consider when dealing with your expensive goods overseas, but often clients are unaware of this. So our team has experts who are able to understand and navigate all the risks associated with international freight forwarding. Our team will assist you with your every move.


Fast Worldwide Delivery

The nature and delivery time of the goods are the two most important factors in an air freight service, so we will pay close attention to both. FD Cargo can easily ship any kind of sensitive and urgent goods inside Qatar and any other corner of the world. We offer domestic and international Air Freight services at minimum cost and maximum speed and deliver a first-rate customer experience every time.

The Difference

At FD Cargo, we work closely with our clients and offer purposeful fit air services that guarantee fast routing and on-time parcel delivery. Our goal is to make the import and export flight service experience easy, cost-effective and economical.

Technology-Driven Shipping

As part of the digitization process, we have made all existing freight booking process, payments and procedures online to reduce the shipping problems. This made our all complex processes speeds-up and simple.

We ship the goods within the shortest possible time to another destination, we follow this in our every service.

FD Cargo has a worldwide network with over 2000 partners and they give our customers full coverage.

FD cargo guarantees a high level of security for all your goods. Thus, it has the capability to cut off the risk of theft and damage during transit time.

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