International Relocation

Make Your Move As Easy and Stress-Free As Possible

FD Cargo is one of the prominent international agency with years of tradition in relocation services. We handle millions of movings and overseas baggage exports each year with the help of best airlines and ships. We proudly offer our services to individuals and large corporate companies for their domestic moving or office shifting .

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International Removals - Major Benefits

The experienced and dynamic workforce is another feature of our company, and our employees are on average ten years experienced, highly trained and customer-centric.

Our packing techniques and materials used, excellent facilities, transportation and innovation are all other benefits of FD Cargo.

Unsurpassed edge in worldwide sea and air freight, along with priority to our exports and freight services

CRM tracking, specially designed to make it easy for our customers to notify all aspects and directions of their shipment.

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We Remove The Stress Of Moving

If you are moving abroad for business or family reasons, shifting your belongings can be a daunting task, but and our agents will help you make your shifting easier. Proven to be proficient in this field, they will take care of your belongings carefully from the beginning to the end and deliver them to your destination.

  • Unique Palletised Removals

  • Reduced Handling of Individual Items

  • Dedicated International Move Managers

Need to pack large, fragile, valuable or private items? To ensure the protection of your valuable items like artwork and antiques, we offer packing services to give you peace of mind during the move.

Let us help you settle in the things while we deliver it in the destination to make every move comfortable by providing end to end services.

In relocation services, Dismantling is one of the critical tasks which require a high experience and qualified rigging team to carefully dismantle and move the equipment or machinery.

At the time of relocation, everyone has confusion that how will assemble some of your largest items and priciest valuables, no need to worry, we have a team to assemble things after the delivery.

International relocation

Why FD Cargo?

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All Packages

We come with the necessary experience for shipping packages of all sizes, shapes, volumes, and weights across distant destinations globally.

Hassle-Free Shipping

Hassle-Free Shipping

We do not give our customers the chance to complain once they have made the booking with us, they can be assured of the package reaching the desired destination.

Complete Satisfaction

Complete Satisfaction

We offer robust services to our customers while ensuring they are provided with the most timely and up-to-date information about their shipments.

Modern Technology

Modern Technology

We rely on the latest in technology to execute our services which guarantees our customers the best possible shipping solutions in the world.

Utmost Sincerity

Utmost Sincerity

We are unlike other courier companies for the sincerity and eagerness we adopt in fulfilling the needs & preferences of our customers.

Reliable Partners

Reliable Partners

We operate with a network of partners worldwide that includes prominent names like FedEx and DHL offering our customers unmatched service.

Expedited Services

FAST DELIVERY CARGO is exclusively in the business of worldwide cargo services with high safety standards with expertise on safety standards.

Our total professionalism and desire to offer optimum services to our customers have boosted our company image and won customer confidence as a reliable global cargo brand.

Decades of experience in the logistic field and accessibility to all leading technological advantages enable us to process all our cargo and documents fast.

Our Professionalism in Packing has received much Appreciation

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