Parcel Delivery


Expect it to Reach

From the time it gets dispatched to the time it arrives at the destination, there is a whole lot of work involved in the transit of the package. In case, you notice something unusual on the tracking system, you can always call FDC directly and we will be happy to respond to any query that you may have. In most cases, the parcel does reach in the stipulated time.


Wait for the Pick-up

Now that you have placed the order and pack the items, it is time to wait for your courier to be picked by the FDC staff at any time during the day. The chances of our staff not showing up are quite remote except, of course - there could be less staff which might force us to postpone the pick to the next day. In any case, we will keep you informed.

We Deliver Trust

We understand, sometimes, the emotions attached to a parcel, and there are times when the contents of a parcel can make or break someone’s life. We understand such extraordinary situations and we treat each parcel with the same level of importance. By offering the best parcel services, we are not delivering couriers but trust. We provide:

Convenient & Fast

Here at FD Cargo Services, we offer fast delivery with a wide network of contacts, hundreds of trained agents, and numerous operation hubs throughout Qatar and US that enable us to give our customers the quick and reliable deliveries they need.

FAST DELIVERY CARGO is exclusively in the business of worldwide cargo services with high safety standards with expertise on safety standards.

Our total professionalism and desire to offer optimum services to our customers have boosted our company image and won customer confidence as a reliable global cargo brand.

Decades of experience in the logistic field and accessibility to all leading technological advantages enable us to process all our cargo and documents fast.

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