Factors to consider before choosing a Delivery service

Admin May 27,2021

Importance of Delivery in Ecommerce

Running an e-commerce business means it is absolutely essential to get the delivery right. With the evolving e-commerce landscape, customers are spoilt for choice and have become demanding, to say the least. They expect their deliveries to happen in the quickest possible time in a reliable manner. Now let’s look at how the delivery has become critical to e-commerce set up in Qatar, here it is:

  • Availability of Multiple Delivery Options: Customers today have a few options when it comes to getting their orders delivered. They can choose between standard to express delivery options. There has even been a trend for “next-day” delivery among e-commerce companies. All this has led to a total change in attitude on how delivery should work among customers.

  • Same Day Delivery: This is something that is being offered by e-commerce companies for specific geographic locations. More often, these are destinations that are closer to the area of operation of e-commerce companies. Ecommerce setups that primarily cater to grocery and daily essentials are promoting this actively among their target audience to get the necessary traction. This kind of trend has forced many of the e-commerce delivery services in Qatar to relook at their business strategy.

  • Makes a Lasting Impression: An e-commerce company in Qatar that is able to deliver consistently to customers is likely to make a positive impression on the customer. They are most likely to remain with the e-commerce brand in the long term. Moreover, word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied customers is likely to make the e-commerce brand acquire new customers.     

Pointers to Selecting an E-commerce Delivery Provider

Now having understood the criticality of delivery in e-commerce, let’s look at the factors to look for when selecting an e-commerce delivery provider, here it is:

  • Delivery Speed: This refers to the time taken by the service provider in delivering the goods to the customers. This has a direct bearing on the customer’s perception of the brand. It is important that the e-commerce delivery company is able to offer some kind of commitment to the e-commerce brand. It could be time-range in days for standard delivery or a matter of hours for express delivery. The e-commerce company can do a periodic review of these commitments while renewing the contract.

  • Shipping Prices: This one of the key variables that govern the overall profit margins of an e-commerce brand. It is extremely essential to look for courier services that offer competitive pricing and fit well with the brand’s needs.

  • Tracking Capability: Once considered an add-on by e-commerce delivery companies. Today, it has become essential for each delivery provider to offer this feature. Before signing the dotted line with the service provider, it is essential to be knowledgeable about their terms, policies, and the level of tracking that is allowed. 

  • Other features: Apart from the above-mentioned factors, some of the other factors that could be included are – cash on delivery remittance cycle, and automated non-delivery report (NDR). Ecommerce delivery providers need to be transparent about their dealings with the e-commerce brand and it can result in a mutually beneficial relationship.