Top tips for House shifting or Relocation

Admin Mar 31,2021

Getting Ready with House Shifting

Even the thought of shifting a house can give you the creeps. The whole set of logistics around the exercise can make you think twice before shifting the house. In the past, shifting a house was the responsibility of the resident, they were supposed to arrange for people and transportation to get the job done. Today there are enough professional agencies like FDCargo that can get the job done easily.

Shifting a house involves a number of moving parts, without proper organization and planning, there are chances of leaving behind items due to the confusion that ensues. This blog is an attempt to engage the reader in going about relocation in a streamlined manner. It will allow an individual to undertake relocation in a systematic and ordered manner without any room for uncertainty or hesitation.  

Tips for Smooth Relocation

  • Start Early: Regardless of whether you have fewer or more items, it is suggested that you start planning early. There are different types of items to be transported, this could include fragile items that are to be handled with care. Each set of items to be packed requires a different approach altogether. Ensure that you have the necessary manpower and the packing materials in place to get the packing done. Besides this, you must have a rough idea beforehand for each of the items to be packed. Hence planning is of paramount importance in relocation.

  • Donate or Sell Items: Once you have a rough plan in place about items, start with discarding items no longer in use. You could either sell or donate items, depending on the condition of the item. Nowadays, there are enough websites that allow the selling of items at competitive costs. For donation, you can approach any of the nearest charitable organizations and understand their criteria for using old items. If there are still items that are not fit for either selling or donation, it is best to give them away as scrap to the local dealer for some money in return. This exercise allows in reducing the overall load meant for relocation.

  • Pack & Label Each Box: Now that you have only the items meant for relocation. You would want to ensure each packaged box gets labeled in accordance with the items inside. Have separate boxes for kitchen, living room, bedroom, and so on. During offloading, it will be easy for the workmen to put the boxes in the assigned rooms. During packaging, it can be prudent if fragile objects are packed in smaller boxes to avoid cramming. Have enough buffering material in each one and shake it to ensure there is no movement before loading it.

  • Do Not Overload: While packing, it is suggested that each box remains within 30 Kg because it becomes difficult to handle more weight at a time. Besides, it allows you to save on shipping costs compared to heavy boxes. Once the entire load reaches the destination, wait till everything gets offloaded before unpacking. This will ensure that unpacking does not lead to any unwanted confusion and delays.

  • Pack All Essentials Together: During packing, keep items of daily use separately and if possible, carry them along with you. This would include toothbrushes, bedsheets, and anything that you might need to settle in. It is highly suggested that you pack all the clothes needed for the first few days. Else, you would have to go around without a change of clothes until you settle in.


While relocation may look daunting doing it with proper planning can make it seamless. Today, there are enough agencies in Qatar that undertake relocations professionally. One such agency is FDCargo, which comes with experience and expertise in relocation. Having said that, it still is the responsibility of the resident to supervise the entire relocation process. And all the aforementioned pointers can be put to good use. Overall, it is about making relocation an easy experience.